5 STEPS TO Purchase with a peace of mind

Face to Face discussion

Risk Measurements Consultations

Comparison & Analysis

Financial Planning & Timelines 

Viewings & Shortlisting

Face to Face Discussion on Your Next Move

Buying your next home or your next investment property does have a difference. While buying a home involves personal likes and dislikes, a sound investment property involves crunching the numbers and having multiple strategies. We are available to meet up to listen to your requirements, share market updates, go through the financing part with our mortgage broker partner on the different parts of financial planning for your property purchases. 

Risk Measurements Consultations

Real estate investing is never easy. Don’t follow your gut, follow a plan.


  1. Cooling measures and how they impact and shape today property market.
  2. Seller’s or buyer’s market? What’s the difference?
  3. New Launches vs resale?
  4. Should i only buy Freehold?
  5. How does the developer bidding price affects the launch price?
  6. What is my exit strategy? (Do I have one?)
  7. Fixed interest rates loans vs floating rates loans?

Understanding the property market takes time, efforts and plenty of research. Being on the ground on a daily basis with more than 16 hours committed into real estate for more than 14 years gives us a advantage of being at the front line with 1st hand market movement, we believe we will be able to value add to you on making all the right moves.

Comparison & Analysis

Your biggest purchase surely deserves the time to compare and analysis to get the correct deal. Here is where we further value add to you by providing in depth analysis and detailed comparison of your targeted areas, projects. We run through data of their historical data and trends. Upcoming developments, master plan transformation, land prices are factors we will touch on too.  We trust we will be able to make a sound decision together.

Financial Planning and Timelines

Now that we have a clear picture of what and where to buy, let’s go through the figures in details. 


Working out the monthly commitments based on existing funds on hand and the different amounts of loan scenarios will allow a us to have clear picture on the property future. Having multiple exit strategies will always be a important part of properties finances. 

Viewings and Shortlisting of Properties

Well planned arrangements of viewings allow you to view properties that suits your requirements in the shortest possible time. Viewing records with the necessary info will be send over after the viewings. Shortlisted properties will be arranged according to rankings allowing you do the necessary comparison.


Congrats on your purchase!