About Us

Our real estate careers began in the year 2003. We kick started our real estate business by serving buyers in the HDB Resale Market during the initial stage of our career.


We managed to close our 1st deal nervously, but successfully and with passion. The client was a referral from our relatives. Understanding the importance of our client’s 1st property purchase, we made sure we showed the client houses that suited their requirements and explained to them in details the finances and timelines involved to complete the purchase.


Listening carefully and understanding our clients requirements was pivotal to us showing them the right houses and more often than not, giving them an option of choosing the right house for themselves.


We place ourselves in the shoes of our buyers and to give them honest advice, which we felt was in their best interests. This mindset has allowed us to assist hundreds of buyers to purchase their 1st property and most importantly their 1st home, with ease.


We share ideas on different Renovation concepts as well as placements of furniture to suit the layout of the house or maximise space was happily discussed at the void deck or at the nearest coffee shops around.

To Help with Property Purchase

Considering that a property purchase is a heavy investment, we strive to provide our clients with the best possible advice to choose a property that would suit them in the long run. 

Pre-Property Portals Era

As our clients’ profiles diversified, we began to assist more homeowners to sell their property on the resale market. Advertisements in the Straits Times played a very important role in marketing the property for sale.

Property Portals Era

We signed up at the earliest opportunity to begin marketing our clients’ properties online.

The first step was to inspect the property and advise the client on any changes to be made if necessary, such as painting an odd coloured wall white or simply just tidying up. The steps that followed were photo taking, checking of facilities and drafting a description of the property. Finally, we would post them on the portal. This process became a new part of our daily work life.

More real estate marketing portals were introduced such as, 99.co, EdgeProp, Srx and Soreal. We signed up for all as part of our total marketing plans for our clients.

A portal that showcased the client’s house 24/7 was introduces to property agents. we were one of the first-movers

Proficient in Skill & Knowledge

Be it traditional or the new aged social media marketing, we are fully equipped with the right tools, knowledge and expertise to handle your property. We never stop learning in our career as each day provides us with a unique experience, and likewise, we will never stop marketing till your property is sold.

We put in the works needed to get your property sold - Propertyworkz