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Landed home prices set to stay firm, if not trend upwards

IN a densely populated nation city like Singapore, some 80 per cent of its resident population live in public housing while the remaining 20 per cent live in private housing.

Based on the latest report by the Housing and Development Board, there were slightly over 1 million flats in the public housing stock. Within the private housing domain, there are different housing types to cater to the different needs and aspirations of those who are able to afford them.

As at end-2021, there were 382,195 homes in the private housing stock. This number comprises 308,933 (81 per cent) non-landed properties (apartments and condominiums) and 73,262 (19 per cent) landed properties. Taken as a whole, landed properties made up only 5 per cent of the entire housing stock in Singapore, making them a scarce and valuable class of housing type.

Source: Business Times
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